the city is a multi-cultural world of experiences: a direct interface with trends, developments and events from around the world. distance and lack of familiarity are loosing importance. this is equally true for foreign culinary delights as it is for the positive approach to life that we associate with exotic dishes. and so eating increasingly becomes a matter of balanced nutrition – in these times of increased health awareness – and we set great store not only by the wholesome benefits but also – and not least – the pleasure we gain from it.

in the open kitchen setting at, with its origins to be found in streets throughout asia, the dishes are freshly prepared before your very eyes.

the resulting finely-balanced composition is a treat for your palate and arouses the senses. healthy and aromatic ingredients let the energy flow – nourishing and light cuisine, served swiftly and to be savoured in peace. feelgoodfood

so that you can enjoy contentment and well-being.